St Hallett “Hands On” Part 2

What an amazing guy! Full of enthusiasm Stuart was the ultimate host for our 3 days in the Barossa. Over the next couple of days he drove us all around the Barossa and into Eden Valley. As he did he highlighted the 12 different sub regions and their differences.

We stopped in multiple vineyards and inspected vines of varying varieties. During which time he noted the differences in soils, vine age, canopy management, and aspect. We saw most of the well know wineries of the region – many of whom appear on the Sails wine list. Whilst out in the vineyards we collected grape samples to be taken for lab analysis. Once back at the winery we were taken through this process with Sonya Palamountain – head of the St Hallett lab.

This is an ongoing process to monitor when to harvest these vineyards to give optimum fruit. We also toured the winery with Greg Schmidt. He gave a thorough explanation of all the machinery and processes that lay ahead for those perfect grapes once they arrive at the winery. It is a very complex procedure. Read More…Part 1 or Part 3