St Hallett “Hands On” Part 1

(Nigel was asked to author the first wine blog on our new website and it turns out he likes to write in detail…so it is now our first three Part blog series click to read Part 2 or Part 3). The “Hands On” program is outstanding and I certainly feel privileged to have been a part of it. To experience the Barossa, one of Australia’s finest wine regions, with Stuart Blackwell as our tour guide was nothing short of brilliant.

We were flown into Adelaide and picked up at the airport by Stuart Blackwell.

As Senior Winemaker of St Hallett, Stuart has developed not only a deep understanding of the rich tapestry of site and climatic variances in the Barossa but also an appreciation of the importance of both dedicated growers and ‘old vine’ Shiraz. A big believer in enjoyment and armed with a ‘can do’ attitude, Stuart’s energy is contagious. Amongst the small winery crew he has imbues warmth, honesty and integrity which is simply the way of life at St Hallett and embraces both experience and a constant sense of evolution. As Senior Winemaker for over 30 years and recognised by his peers in 2003 as ‘Barossa Winemaker of the Year’, Stuart embodies a wealth of experience. With a glint of enthusiasm ever in his eyes, Stuart engages all those around him in the enjoyment of wine, and whenever possible in a round or two of golf!