Booking terms & conditions

Thank you for considering a reservation at Sails restaurant.

Based on the current Covid 19 restrictions, our available seating has been signigicantly reduced.

As such, it has been necessary to implement some new protocols to ensure the feasibility of our business.

All lunch reservations before 12:30 pm will be allocated a dining period of up to two hours, all other lunch reservations will be welcome to dine until the end of lunch service at 4:45pm.

Dinner reservations before 7 pm will be allocated a dining period of up to two hours. Reservations after 7 pm will not be time restricted.

From April 1st, there will be a minimum required spend per seat of $110 for dinner service (5pm onwards) inclusive of all food and beverage. Unfortunately, as we are so limited on space, children will also be subject to the same minimum spend amount (the total amount can be shared across the whole table).  Babies in prams will be exempt.

Credit card details will be required to confirm all reservations. We will get in touch before your booking date to gather this information in a secure manner.

A cancellation within 2 hrs of the reservation or a “No Show” for a confirmed reservation will incur a $50 charge per booked seat.

Whilst these protocols are more restrictive than we would like, we hope that you can appreciate the necessity of these in order to ensure that we can continue to operate.

Please note that we do not take table requests. To ensure fairness to all, tables are allocated in order of date of reservation, starting from the beachfront.

On a Sunday we are required by law to pay significant loadings to all staff. In order to help ameliorate some of this high cost, our prices will be increased by a 10% surcharge on this day.

Yes. I have read and accept the terms and conditions. I would like to proceed with a booking.