The Sails’ wine list has been an evolutionary process, slowly expanding as the restaurant matured and grew.

We have developed our list with two very important factors in mind; firstly to guarantee the best provenance for our wines from grower, to cellar, to customer; and secondly, to provide an extensive choice for our customers.

Over the years we have catalogued more than 600 wines into our inventory.  We are passionate about the correct storage of wine and our preference is to purchase stock immediately upon release and cellar them until they are ready to be enjoyed.

The list is consistently awarded 3 goblets (the highest possible) from the prestigious Gourmet Traveller Australian Wine List of the Year awards.

NB: Whilst we endeavor to update this online list regularly, it may vary to the current list available at the restaurant. Vintage and price changes may occur, and some wines may be temporarily out of stock.


To ensure impeccable provenance of our wine, all cellars are maintained in an ideal environment at a temperature of 15˚ Celsius and 65% humidity.

Rumba Wine Cellar 1

Located at basement level in our wine bar, Rumba.  It is the largest working cellar and stores all of our champagne, red and dessert wines.

Chardonnay Wine Cellar 2

This cellar is located underneath the restaurant, down two flights of stairs, and is our central working cellar.  It houses our chardonnay selection.

Aromatic Wine Cellar 3

This cellar is located on the restaurant level, and houses only light style whites.  These are younger wines that are intended for drinking in the first few years of their life-span.

Longevity Cellar 4

A separate cellar in Rumba where wines are kept at 10˚ Celsius.  This is to slow down the maturing of some of our older reds and vintage champagnes, many of which are 20 to 30 years old.